Titan, Control Group Pair Up At Intersection!

June 24, 2015 by Dave Haynes

IntersectionlogoThe outdoor ad firm Titan and interactive/technology agency Control Group have been merged into a new urban experience company called Intersection! – the deal bankrolled by a consortium that’s led by Sidewalk Labs, a newly-minted partnership between Google and former Bloomberg CEO Dan Doctoroff.

Titan and Control are two of the key companies behind LinkNYC, the big project aimed at putting as many as 10,000 public information stations, with free WiFi – all through New York’s boroughs.

The new company will forge ahead on that, and also think beyond NYC to look at an array of solutions for cities around the globe, with a goal of bettering urban life.

My take – I remain eternally curious about the survival rates of very expensive touchscreens/stations away from the bright lights of Fifth Avenue and along the somewhat crustier sidewalks of The Bronx and Queens. But the Control Group guys are a sharp technical bunch.

Having Google involved layers in that company’s mass of mapping, search and instant information capability and adds support that might not have been quite as rich and deep were Google not having skin in the game.

Here’s the take from Wired


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