IntuiLab, Signagelive Team On Interactive Content-Builder For ChromeOS Digital Signage

June 23, 2015 by Dave Haynes

Image-for-Signagelive-PRThe French company IntuiLab has long had great software that enables users to develop interactive touch experiences without knowing much of anything about coding, but the technology has always been on the fringes of digital signage.

That’s changed with a partnership that builds IntuiLab into UK-based Signagelive’s content management platform, and has it optimized for Google Chrome OS devices.

The joint solution, says a press release today, enables end users to quickly generate and publish interactive content for a range of digital signage applications. Retailers and their respective content agencies, for example, can easily create touch enabled content for displays located strategically around a store to encourage impulse purchasing.

If the hooks are there the interactive content could be linked to Signagelive’s Proof of Play and proactive monitoring tools and the EPOS systems, which would help give retail operators a point of view on the activity and impact of touch.

“Being able to add IntuiLab multi-touch capabilities to Signagelive for Chrome is a really powerful message for our partners,” says Jason Cremins, CEO of Signagelive. “Adding touchscreen functionality increases engagement and user interaction; this incorporated with EPOS and facial recognition applications has the potential to turn low cost devices into a fully integrated digital signage solution.”

I asked Cremins why this solution focuses on Chrome, given Signagelive is made a point of trying to cover the waterfront in terms of device and operating system support. He says it will work on things like system on chip displays, but not fully. But it flies on Chromeboxes.

Certainly, it’s possible for any number of platforms to drop on interactive applications written in HTML5, but the attraction here is how the IntuiLab platform has a broad range of tools and templates for building out an interactive piece without having specific coding and HTML5 markup skills.

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