Quebec’s Vif Tele Acquires SMS Capabilities

June 20, 2015 by Dave Haynes


Montreal-based VIF Télé, which runs and manages signage networks in the Quebec market, has expanded its service offering by acquiring the operations of a company that does SMS send-outs and tracking.

Taking on SMS Looky allows VIF Télé to offer a system for managing the simultaneous sending, receiving and tracking of text messages to targeted, opted-in audiences. To complete the SMS Looky platform, VIF Télé will offer related services in content production, reporting and mobile app development.

VIF Télé was started about 10 years ago by Benoit Johnson and does work for Sobeys (IGA), RONA, Banque Laurentienne, Laboratoires Biron and Rôtisseries Au Coq over about 400 sites around the province.

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