Projects: UK Rest Stop Menus Go Digital

June 15, 2015 by Dave Haynes


Welcome Break is a variation of those giant commercial rest stops you see off major highways – in this case off motorways in the UK.

At 16 of the stops, the company has installed a new digital menu-board system for its QSR operators, The set-up is a combination of LG screens and Signagelive software, as installed by Saville Audio Visual.

What’s interesting here is that the roughly 90 displays are all WebOS units – the LG version of Samsung’s Smart Signage system on chip displays. I’m sure the WebOS units are out there in other locales, but this is probably the first time I’ve seen them referenced in deployment PR. Agencies for the various QSR firms manages the content via Signagelive’s cloud set-up, and the creative plays directly off the displays’ on-board processors.

Side note: I like the content design here. Big, bold fonts, one focal point image and no real attempt in either case to wedge too much information into the layout. Nicely done.






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