DSrupted: Session Added On Digital Signage And The Internet Of Things

June 10, 2015 by Dave Haynes

Internet of things and cloud computing concept - cloud outline by cloud computing and Internet of things concept icons

The agenda is now pretty much rounded out for DSrupted, the annual conference that looks squarely at disruptive technologies in digital signage.

I wanted a session on the Internet of Things, and needed it to be from someone who wasn’t going to just get up and talk about their device or process, and who could speak in an accessible engaging way about it all.

There’s a lot of people talking about IoT these days, and while I looked around quite a bit, a great choice ironically came up from the venue host for DSrupted, the Canadian telecomms giant TELUS.

StephenEyre_MySiteStephen Eyre is the director of TELUS’ IoT Partner Ecosystem, essentially charged with bring more and more companies into IoT from the device, data, software and user sides. Over three decades, Eyre has worked across software development, sales, business development, consulting, and for the past15 years, in creating deep and economically meaningful partnerships. He spent a bunch of years with Microsoft before joining, fairly recently, the TELUS team.

He’s going to talk about how historically isolated systems like digital signage are now being stitched together with other systems, and their data, to create the sorts of multi-faceted, integrated solutions that consumers and businesses are now demanding.

He’ll look at where the Internet of Things has been and the lessons learned, and where IoT is going, as it applies to a new generation of digital signs and consumer experiences. 

I also have session mapped out and speakers being finalized – one just needs to slow down long enough to send me a pic and bio (you know who you area) and then I can talk more about it.

So the day looks like this. Five one-hour sessions, plus a wrap-up panel, on the following disruptive tech topics:

DSrupted is Sept. 16 in Toronto, at the Telus Conference Centre right downtown, steps from the city’s main transport hub. Registration is now open and tickets are $50 off, as an early bird incentive.

We had 100-plus people last year and great reviews for the value of the day. You can register here.

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