Why I’m Going To InfoComm: Guy Tonti, Unified Brand

June 9, 2015 by Dave Haynes

unifiedbrandlogoI’m looking forward to catching up with Guy Tonti, who is leaving the dry heat of Phoenix and Sedona (he has an amazing weekend place) for the steam bath heat of Orlando next week, to walk the trade show floor at InfoComm.

Tonti is the President of Unified Brand, a Phoenix-based company that does customized TV channels for automobile dealerships, and also helps other businesses optimize their onsite communication.

1 – How many years have you been going to InfoComm?

I attended in 2008-11 when still with Cisco, haven’t been since.

2 – What are you looking for when you go?

Something revolutionary, not evolutionary. Incremental advancement comes from changes in the current processes, major change occurs via a confluence of seemingly disparate entities coming together. Both are needed and important for a business and industry. For me DSE, is the former… I am hoping InfoComm provides insights into potentials for the latter.

3 – Do you just walk the floor or do you hit any education sessions?

tontiMostly walk the floor, and mostly the outer edges. Anything big from the major players will have press releases and articles written, thus the chance to see something truly different will most likely come from the periphery. I will hit education sessions if I something is of direct interest, but only if I feel it will not be a product pitch.

4 – What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in the industry, and where do you see things going?

I am still looking for a “big change” to occur. I see lots of small changes, and lots of potential big ones, but nothing big enough to make Moore’s Law actually take effect on the basic costs for the signage network provider, or a feature set to make it a must have for the end customer. This is one item holding back our industry from consistent major deployments and diversion of significant investment from the mobile and social media space.

On where things are going, I hope it is for us to be considered as an alternative to in-home TV, and not just digitizing of otherwise static signs.

5 – Do you prefer Orlando or Vegas?

Vegas. It is much easier to get around, and for our industry it is where we should be. But I have customers in Orlando, so it is not bad to come here every so often.


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