Why I’m Going To InfoComm: Cam Gross, Lift

June 1, 2015 by Dave Haynes

camgrossliftCam Gross of the Minneapolis interactive content/software Lift is heading to InfoComm in a couple of weeks. Here’s his take:

1 – How many years have you been going to InfoComm?

This will be my first year. I am honored to be invited to sit on a Solutions Summit Digital Signage panel.

2 – What are you looking for when you go?

I’m excited to experience the event as a whole.  

Our work at Lift has focused on enabling utility at retail for customers and employees. I’m interested in learning more about the content/application experiences being pursued and seeing the innovations provided by other OEMs.

I’m looking forward to reconnecting with industry pros and partners – and hopefully making some new connections.

If all goes well, I’ll need to get some info for securing a booth at InfoComm 2016.

3 – Do you just walk the floor or do you hit any education sessions?

Definitely both. 

4 – What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in the industry, and where do you see things going?

Lift is a newcomer to the industry. Trends in the industry toward web-based technologies, kiosks, and interactive displays drew us into the industry in 2013. 

Those trends seem to be continuing. Content developers are using open languages like HTML5 that can be enabled with far less hardware. On screen experiences are becoming more engaging and useful with need to integrate with back-end systems.

It feels like a rush of new displays are being installed in retail. A backlog of brick and mortar experience upgrades were shelved in the wake of the 2008 crash. Those plans are finally being dusted off, updated and green-lit. All these new screens are wrestling for internet bandwidth. 

5 – Do you prefer Orlando or Vegas?

Vegas, Baby. I’d prefer a poker tournament or mountain biking in Red Rock Canyon over Theme Parks and water slides when the work is done.

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