Video: Using McDonald’s New Self-Ordering Kiosk To Get A Very Big Mac

May 28, 2015 by Dave Haynes


Here’s a somewhat warped look at the Create Your Taste digital ordering kiosks that McDonald’s is testing in some U.S. outlets.

A guy named Moshe Tamssot decided to push the ordering system to its limits – and eat enough to feed a Sudanese village – by pounding the touchscreen + sign on every optional item to its max. So he got a double quarter-pound cheese burger with 10x of bacons, tomatoes, pickles and so on.

He pushed the system so hard the pricing was discombobulated at the POS station – coming out at almost $900 instead of $25. Not sure where this was shot.

Via Geekologie, as spotted by Tom McGowan of ColorEdge


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