DSrupted: How One Guy Reimagined Digital Signage Content

April 29, 2015 by Dave Haynes

parlerWhen I watched a video a couple of months back about a corporate communications digital signage program in the customer contact center at Blinds.com, the first words out of my mouth were: “That’s <naughty word> brilliant.”

So I am very happy to report that the guy who put it together will be in Toronto this fall as one of the five featured speakers at DSrupted, the conference on the emerging technologies and ideas that are shaping and re-shaping the digital signage business.

Brad Parler came from the video production world into employee communications, looked around, and thought, “There’s a better way to do this …”

Parler will talk about how he completely re-imagined reporting and employee motivation at Blinds.com. He’ll outline how software and camera technologies are disrupting traditional content production in digital signage, and how network operators and creative people can take advantage of that. His background is all video, and he ran his own production shop in a past life.

Brad and I met up at DSE. We looked at the foamy beer being poured on the show floor and made off for a place with proper pints, where I learned what he was all about, and his interests. It was evident really quickly he’d make a great DSrupted speaker, so he’s booked and excited about coming up from Houston.

He’ll talk about the idea and execution, but he has a lot of thoughts about content and tools. Digital signage creative has been done a certain way by just about everyone, so it will be refreshing as hell to get a very different, very effective take.

This is the work he did for the team at Blinds.com:

Tickets for DSrupted are on sale now, and if you buy soon, you get $50 off. The event is Sept. 16th in Toronto.

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