DSE Hits New Attendee, Footprint Highs

March 23, 2015 by Dave Haynes



Show organizer Exponation has released the wrap-up numbers for Digital Signage Expo earlier this month, saying the trade show hit a new record for headcount and footprint.

DSE says it had almost 4,100 attendees, with 42% being end-users (who were the rest???), and more than 1,900 booth bunnies. The 6,000 or so people with badges of some sort came from 60 countries.

Exponation also says the show was roughly 83,000 net square feet, the biggest footprint yet. There were more than 200 exhibitors, 65 there for the first time.

A year ago, the show touted very similar numbers – roughly 4,000 attendees, 42% end users, and 1,813 exhibitor personnel. Of more than 200 exhibiting companies, 56 were exhibiting last year for the first time.

So that suggests a lot of churn in exhibitors year to year (primarily the small guys) and a show that’s somewhat levelled off in terms of annual growth. It’s bigger, but not by a whole bunch.


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