Levi Leaving Captivate, Starting DOOH-centric Consultancy

March 20, 2015 by Dave Haynes

DanLevi_circleIf you have been around this business for a while, particularly on the Digital OOH side, you’ve probably bumped into Dan Levi.

He was, until recently, working with one of oldest and biggest Digital OOH networks, Captivate. Now he’s hung out his own shingle, starting Levi Media Advisory, a consultancy Dan describes as being at the intersection of media, advertising, technology and marketing.

He is in theory competition to what me and Pat Hellberg do through Preset, but neither of us tends to get involved much in ad-driven networks. I have learned over time I don’t speak advertising, and often don’t know what the hell agency people are going on, and on, about in meetings.

So fill yer boots there, Dan  ;-]

Levi has a nice soft landing into consulting – winding down with Captivate as staff and then working with them on a retained basis.


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