DSE 2015 Booth Field Guide: Enplug

February 25, 2015 by Dave Haynes


Ryan Gushue, Enplug

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Why do people going to DSE need to put your company on their Must See list of booths?

Enplug will be announcing the release of their software development kit (SDK) for its open digital signage platform, which is applying the ‘app’ paradigm of mobile devices to digital signage. Enplug’s will be showcasing its first third-party app, Waitlist Me, which allows businesses to display a real-time waitlist in their venue (which is controlled from Waitlist Me’s app for iPad and Android tablets).

Enplug will also allow attendees to interact with its web dashboard, where they can customize and display some of Enplug’s most popular apps, including Graphics (images & videos), Live Social Wall, Weather, Waitlist Me, and more.

If you keep an eye out, you might be able to catch Enplug software running at a few other booths. Definitely stop by Viewsonic for a glimpse of Enplug integrated with Viewsonic’s latest ePoster kiosk.

What’s your big marketing message to attendees, and what’s it all about?

Our message will be that Enplug is providing a new and innovative take on the digital signage software industry. By replacing the standard ‘content packages’ with the Enplug App Market (and open SDK), businesses now have more engaging content to interact with their audience than ever before. And then with our 100% cloud-based web application, we are providing businesses with features like network monitoring, automated (and free) software updates, unlimited users and tons more from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Another aspect of our product that we will be promoting is the real-time interactive aspect of our apps. For example, with the Live Social Wall, you can tweet or post on Instagram to our #EnplugDSE hashtag, and it will instantly appear on the screen at the expo. Businesses use our interactive apps to get customers better engaged with their content, increasing the effectiveness of their digital signage content.

We also will make a big announcement at our booth on day one, so stay tuned!

What’s the ideal profile of attendees walking into your booth?

Enplug users span across just about every vertical, including restaurants, hotels, commercial buildings, office spaces, retail and more. Ideally, we’d love to get connected with any decision-makers who are looking for a cutting-edge solution for their digital signage software.

Enplug is also built from the ground up to be friendly for OEMs/VARs/SIs. So whether you’re running a mom and pop shop, a fortune 500, or looking to integrate next generation digital signage software into your hardware–we’d love to chat!

How many years have you been doing DSE and how has it changed (if you think it has changed?) over the years?

This is Enplug’s first year as an exhibitor, however members of Enplug have been attending DSE since 2011. Enplug’s CEO, Nanxi Liu, has been a speaker at DSE for the past two years.

DSE has definitely grown since we first visited, both in size and scope. The number of exhibitors has been increasing each year and also are representative of a wider variety of business niches within the industry.

2015 has some interesting things to look forward to like the Innovator Zone where Enplug will be demonstrating our platform, as well as increased presence from heavy hitters from outside the direct industry like Intel and Google.

Any advice for first-time attendees?

If you have some specific goals to meet with your attendance; it may be wise to do a little bit of research on the exhibitors beforehand and plan to visit specific booths (or even reach out and set appointments before hand)–as opposed to just browsing the show. There are a lot of things going on and it’s easy to miss something that might be relevant to your interests! If you’d like to set up a meet and greet with Enplug don’t hesitate to make an appointment! Some other pieces of advice include:

Enjoy Vegas! While there’s a lot to see at DSE, it’s not nearly as hectic as some other trade shows like CES. Take a moment to see the sights. If you’re in the mood for some ice cream you can enjoy a delicious treat and catch an Enplug display in the wild at Kuma Snow Cream!

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