Projects: TravelCenters’ Screens Integrated With Back-End Data

February 2, 2015 by Dave Haynes

I’m not what you’d call enthusiastic about the approach the client has taken to content design here – too much, too little, where to start – but I do like back-end integration that Burlington, ON-based ADFLOW Networks has put together for TravelCenters of America.

The digital signage CMS company has integrated its platform with the enterprise ERP systems for the Truck Service division of the client. That makes it possible to present localized real-time pricing data from SAP. The programming also pulls local data from the company’s PeopleSoft system.

The system was extensively tested and is now being rolled out in the US to TA Truck Service and PetroLube Truck Service Centers.

“Our system’s ability to be integrated into our customers’ media asset management, marketing supply chain and enterprise systems makes it easy and cost-effective for them to manage,” says Gary Davies, Executive Vice-President, Sales and Marketing.

Without droning on about it too much:

1 – You don’t need the weather – it’s a truck stop, the target audience drives 12 hours a day and is all over that info;

2 – Cycle the three content zones, so each is full screen … so you can actually read and absorb the information;

3 – If the pricing menu is the main content, treat the other two as short 5-10 second interstitials.

Just because software allows you to create multiple content zones doesn’t mean it’s actually a good idea.

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