NRF: Is Memomi’s Digital Mirror The Fairest Of Them All

January 13, 2015 by Dave Haynes


I missed this in the two days I spent wandering the aisles of NRF, which is a shame because I’m intrigued by how it works.

It’s billed as the world’s first digital mirror, which is a bit of a reach given eBay and The Big Space both have digital mirror things (admitted doing different stuff) at the show.

This one is from a company called Memomi (presumably sounds like memory) and is installed in a Neiman Marcus store as a test.

What it does is allow women to try on dresses and outfits, record those sessions, compare them side by side and share the sessions they like socially, like emailing a sister and asking, “This one or that one???”

It also has some capability to do live color changes, so that you can be wearing a black dress but see the same dress on you in red, and so on. Not sure how that bit works.

Most of it seems relatively simple – recording and archiving and presenting video sessions.

The company has tech partners like IBM, Intel and Panasonic, but also has an SDK that would in theory allow CMS companies to add this tech into their own kit of parts.

I’m totally clueless when it comes to fashion or how women shop, so beats me if it will get past the novelty factor and be a big part of shopping experience in high-end retailers. As noted, there are a bunch of different takes on the dressing room and mirror experience, including virtual clothes.

Not many of them have gone past one-offs and turned into standards in any stores, but there’s something in this sort of thing.

If you are at NRF, or were there and saw this, let me know your take on its pros and cons.

The World’s first Digital Mirror from MemoMi Labs Inc on Vimeo.

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