Projects: Interactive Selfie Booth Welcomes, Informs College Freshmen

December 12, 2014 by Dave Haynes



This is a smart use of an interactive digital sign, combining the base functionality of an information station with a magnetic, playful piece that draws people to the device.

Robert Morris University – a 5,000 student college in Pennsylvania – wanted a better way to communicate with and direct new students during orientation week this past August. Paper notices weren’t getting read and weren’t exactly environmentally friendly.

The solution was an interactive station that works as a wayfinding app, schedule display, and a selfie/photo booth machine.

Using an Elo Touch display, the program used Industry Weapon’s software and content design to make students students aware of activities and schedules, offers available in the bookstore, college facts. The selfie piece was used to generate fun around the screen, as well as (you could safely assume) initiate some friendships.

The school was already using an Instagram app on other screens around the campus.

“Flyers are litter,” said John Locke, Director of Student Life at RMU. “Digital signage serves as a communication medium and it’s easy to tune into. The kiosk had a wow factor and really got people involved.”

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