Projects: Boston University’s Video Promo Wall For Research Projects

December 8, 2014 by Dave Haynes


This is a nice project involving a 10ft wide by 6ft high collaboration video wall designed to drive student engagement and facilitate hands-on learning at the College of Engineering at Boston University.

The wall uses Prysm’s laser phosphor display tiles, and is running content that bridges science and art, as developed by a Boston content group, Body Echo.

The material was produced at 1600 x 2562 pixels in resolution, and running on the wall that is located in the lobby of Boston University’s College of Engineering at 44 Cummington Street in Boston.

The focus of the film is on five primary research clusters: Bioengineering, Cyberphysical Systems, Sensors and Imaging, Micro and Nano and Advanced Materials. The scope of the content is conceived as a system of 5 engineering domains arranged in an interdependent constellation style network topology. Each primary research domain is featured as a parent hexagon connected to child hexagons of related subject areas, for example, Bioengineering (parent) and Synthetic Biology (child). This constellation of hexagons serves as an orientation interface to introduce the content areas as being distinct but also inextricably connected to each other.

The topological network is used throughout the movie as a way of linking segments. At one point in the movie we will use this hexagonal structure to illuminate the College of Engineering research in general, visually moving through the network, naming the five research clusters. Elsewhere the network is used just as a transitional device to let the viewer know which area of engineering science they are visiting.

“The installation is remarkable and creates an immersive experience that supports the charter of the engineering school and advances the possibilities for learning,” says Kenneth Lutchen, Dean of Engineering at Boston University.

This video (below) is a great effort to fully block out the visual history of the design proposals and eventual choice of a new video wall system for the lobby. It also shows the installation of the final hardware system chosen and the “opening night” for the wall, back in September.

If you go to this page you can view the full reel of content produced by BodyEcho.

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