Goget Updates Slick Meeting Room Display System

November 13, 2014 by Dave Haynes


Analytics tells me a lot of site traffic comes in week to week based off a running post I do about meeting room signage options, and one of the companies I list just issued a great looking update.

Sweden’s Goget has released Room Display 4, an Android-driven software and hardware platform that looks to do a nice job managing the messy business of handling meeting room availability. Anyone who works in a larger company knows what it can be like dealing with groups that have occupied the room you booked, or settling in to a free one and then being chased out minutes later by the people who have it booked.

quickbookrd4portSigns, mapped to calendar management, fix much of that.

Goget’s platform synchronizes with existing Exchange or Google Calendar resources, enabling meeting room bookings from Outlook/Gmail or directly from the tablet display located outside each meeting room. The UX allows a wide range of customized information to be shown, including availability, organizer, title and upcoming events.

The new version adds full remote management of devices through a web-based admin console, and by the looks of it, a head office admin set-up could also handle remote locations. It’s just cloud stuff, so why not?

I like the flat design, and Goget says the set-up allows the look to be tweaked for things like logos and background images.

The meeting room thing is getting a bit crowd as some of the larger signage CMS companies, like Four Winds, bolt meeting room capabilities on to a broad offer. So companies like Goget need to be particularly good at their much more narrowly-focused offer.

I like the anodized aluminum enclosure and felt accents, and the little bits like countdown timer and next meeting scheduled, as well as the ability to go portrait.

feature overview real rd4

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