Free Spotomate Video For Small Businesses

October 31, 2014 by Dave Haynes


For the next seven days you can test-drive Spotomate and download a free, finished video ad that’s great for small businesses as diverse as personal training studios to motorcycle dealerships.

Here’s how the 30-second spot looks as a tool for marketing an imaginary fitness studio (yeah, I just noticed the little typo):

The 30-second spot requires six photos and the last sequence is set up to brand the business, and layer in things like location and web information. All you need to do is use your Chrome browser (Spotomate is optimized for Chrome) and click on Create A Video. When you’re done, you provide your email and in a few minutes you’ll get an email with a link to the proof file. Leave that edit tab open. If you like it, download it. If you need to tweak, just go back to that tab with the template/theme and tweak away.

The offer is good through next Thursday. After that, it will still cost $75 or less, like everything on Spotomate. All the Spotomate templates are free to try, and you get watermarked proofs. You only pay when you buy finished versions.

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