Video: 2014 Digital Trends Showcase In Toronto

October 25, 2014 by Dave Haynes


Rare sightings in nature include white buffaloes and Florida panthers, but there may be actually nothing more rare than captured footage of Lyle Bunn not wearing a sports jacket and tie.

But here it is!

Kidding aside, this is a nice marketing video from the recent Digital Trends Showcase held in Toronto. There were, I think the video says, nine vendors at this micro trade show. But the one with the marketing bucks to produce this was LG Canada.

Nicely done. And looks like a good event, one that’s been growing for a few years now. Though it’s in Toronto, I’ve never been, as that time of year always seems to have me out of town. Even with the thing at a micro-brewery I missed it this time!

And I’m told because it was golf-themed, Lyle had to wear one of the Adidas golf shirts ;-]

To be fair, an even more rare sighting would be me wearing a tie. I do have ties … somewhere.

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