Welsh Pub Adds Screens, Tablets To Enable Self-Serve Pints

October 21, 2014 by Dave Haynes


A pub in Swansea, Wales has launched what is thought to be the first in the UK to use digital screens and tabletop tablets for self-service pint-pounding.

The Independent, among several papers, is reporting how the Westbourne in Swansea, south Wales is Britain’s first iPub. We doubt the Westbourne are using that reference, unless they want a call from Apple’s army of lawyers.

Fixed to tables around the bar along with Sagres and Amstel beers on self-service taps, says the report, the system cost £20,000 to develop, and was given the go-ahead by Swansea Council’s licensing department.

Anyone who wants to pour themselves a pint has to buy a special card, which is then placed under a sensor on the iPad which allows them to use the pumps fixed to three of the bar-room tables.


Mark Lingwood, the Westbourne’s landlord, said that the pub is “always on the lookout for innovative ideas” to help them stand out.

“Self-service is something we saw about 15 years ago in Brazil and has always been something we have been keen to bring to the UK,” he added.

“When we visited the Robot Pub Groups demo pub in London last Christmas – we were impressed with the quality and features of the self-service and table top ordering points of the iPads.”

The whole self-serve thing is not entirely new. I’ve seen beer taps at tables in US pubs and card-based wine dispensers at bars and even wineries. But I haven’t see them well-integrated with digital, as this is.

The tablets are in Bouncepad enclosures, which means they have a decent shot at surviving in a bustling, boozy and invariably sloppy environment.

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