Survey Shakes Place-Based Pom-Poms

October 7, 2014 by Dave Haynes

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I don’t know how meaningful these things are, but if general surveys about what agency people like about a medium gets you shaking your industry pom-poms, here’s stuff you can slap on a new slide on your ad sales deck:

A MyersBizNet survey of some 250 advertiser and agency execs suggests audience value, quality of network sales teams and the opportunity to get innovative are what winds their collective watches about digital place-based (DPB) media networks, also known as Digital OOH networks.

Says a DPAA release:

The survey measured the executives’ perceptions toward 13 leading out-of-home and DPB media companies on six performance attributes:

The highest rated category among total respondents was “reaches a valuable audience,” with 67% giving top scores (4 or 5 rating). This enthusiasm was particularly strong among media buyers and planners, with 70% giving top scores for audience value. In a related category, 57% of total respondents gave DPB top scores for “delivers value for the investment.”

For “quality of sales team,” 61% of respondents gave networks top scores, led by buyers/planners at 64%.

Fifty-nine percent of respondents gave DPB top scores for “offering innovative and creative advertising opportunities,” again led by buyers/planners (62%).

In other categories, the ability of DPB to “offer video and digital integration” generated top scores from 58% of respondents. 

“As an industry, digital place based networks are clearly delivering a valuable audience and providing advertisers and agencies with great creative opportunities and outstanding customer service,” said Barry Frey, president & CEO, Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA). “This all bodes well for our sector’s continued growth and, additionally, we will use insights gleaned from the MyersBizNet survey to raise the level of our industry even higher in serving the advertising community.”

Jack Myers, chairman, MyersBizNet, said, “Based on our many years of research across most media types, we can say that digital place based is very well regarded among advertisers and agencies. This first MyersBizNet study of the ad community’s views of DPB media’s key performance attributes confirms our forecast of continued revenue growth in the years ahead.”

The 13 companies evaluated in the survey by MyersBizNet were Adspace Digital Mall Network, Captivate Networks, CBS Outdoor, Cemusa, Clear Channel Outdoor, Eye Corp. Media, JCDecaux North America, Lamar Advertising, Titan, Van Wagner Outdoor, Vector, Verifone/Taxi TV and Zoom Media and Marketing.

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