Macy’s Testing Interactive POP, Digital Look Books

October 7, 2014 by Dave Haynes


The Cincinnati Enquirer has a story up online about how the US department store chain Macy’s is testing a couple of touchscreen-driven technologies aimed at Millennial shoppers.

Cincinnati appears to be a test market for the tech, with New Jersey and Atlanta as follow-on test markets.

The company is using what it calls touchscreen point of purchase stations that allow shoppers to confirm if items are in stock and sort through variations, as well as “look book” displays that show shoppers how clothes look paired with other garments or accessories.

The POP stations, reports the Enquirer, are in specific areas such as purses or active wear. “A customer can scan an item, then begin browsing for variations. For example, the kiosks show purses in different colors. The terminals also offer customer favorites from the store section and even list Facebook customer reviews of items. Customers have the option to purchase items at the terminal and have it shipped to their home, skipping the checkout line.”

The Look Books digital posters function “like a digital catalog whose pages never get worn out, wrinkled or stained. Customers looking for ideas can flip through touchscreen pages for how to pair clothes with other garments or accessories. They can also click on featured items for more detailed information.”

The company is also planning to test payments with Apple Pay, and us working with the on-premise mobile coupon/incentive firm ShopKick.

Pix up on newspaper’s website but not at all sure I can run them, so go here to have a look … 

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