New Scholarship Fund For Young Women Honors DSE/DSF’s Wolff

September 23, 2014 by Dave Haynes

Geri 1.11 4C-1Anyone vaguely on the media side of this business – whether writing or looking for coverage – knows Geri Wolff, who runs communications both for Digital Signage Expo and the Digital Signage Federation.

Terrific woman, and always ready with a big hug when I stick my head in the press room each year at DSE.

Geri’s been honored by the DSF with a matching grant to establish a scholarship program aimed at bringing more young women into an industry wildly over-populated by guys. There are notable exceptions, but the vast majority of the women I’ve met in this industry are in marketing and sales roles.

Kinda like most of tech, I suppose.

The Geri Wolff’ Scholarship Fund is earmarked specifically for young women who are committed to majoring in computer sciences as a way in which to interest them in choosing a career in the digital signage industry.

The scholarship program, will be administered by the DSF Education Committee, which will develop the award criteria, evaluate applications annually, allocate funding, and determine award amounts. Awards will be used to defray the cost of university education, but may also be allocated to help pay for DSF student membership, or DSCE certification for students.

“Geri was instrumental in the founding of the DSF, has a passion for our industry and has helped proactively initiate programs designed to encourage industry growth,” says Kim Sarubbi, 2014 DSF Chair. “Because Geri also takes great joy in helping others in our industry, it seemed natural to recognize her efforts on behalf of all of us in this way.”

“This is an extraordinary honor for a wonderful cause that resonates with me personally,” says Wolff. “As a professional woman, I feel privileged to work with the DSF and all my friends and colleagues in the digital signage industry. I invite others to join me in “paying it forward” as I pledge an annual $1,000 donation to this fund to ensure that we establish a program to attract young women to a career in our industry, where they can make a significant contribution.”

  1. Ken Goldberg says:

    Geri deserves lots of credit and thanks for her generosity and vision. Any student wishing to learn more about the Fund, or anyone who shares Geri’s vision for the future of our industry can find more information on the DSF page linked in the first paragraph of the post.

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