Projects: Glenfiddich’s Interactive Malt Whisky Bar

September 22, 2014 by Dave Haynes


The Scottish distiller Glenfiddich extended the experience of a whisky tasting and you of its Speyside plant by setting up a tasting bar inside a century-old library in Bangkok, Thailand.

The feature piece is the bar itself, a MultiTaction display from Finland’s MultiTouch. Choose a particular dram of whisky, say a 15-year-old, and put the glass on the interactive bar top, and the tech reads the 2D bar code on the bottom of the glass, opening up information that surrounds the glass.Pretty cool.

Warning: Nicely made video but the regional marketing guy does go on and on … you can zip past the first three minutes …

The Glenfiddich Experience from Make Studios on Vimeo.

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