Looks A Lot Like Digital Signage: Opera Browser Adds Smart TV Ads Capabilities

September 10, 2014 by Dave Haynes


The majority of the chatter about using HTML5 and web browsers as digital signage playout tools has been about using Google’s Chrome browser and/or OS, or the open source webskit browser.

But there is news that Norway’s Opera Software has released a smart TV solution, coupled with advertising, that would do the business, as well, via the Opera browser.

From Oslo, Norway:

App publishers, Smart TV device manufacturers and pay-TV operators are now able to monetize their content by serving video advertising, on any platform, with today’s launch of the Opera TV Ads SDK (Software Development Kit) by Opera Software.

Opera’s video advertising solution was previously available exclusively to apps distributed via the Opera TV Store application platform and developed through the Opera TV Snap technology, which transforms online video channels into apps for connected-TV devices. Now, the Opera TV Ads SDK is available as a standalone feature for any HTML5 app or Smart TV device, whether on the Opera TV Store or other application platforms. The solution leverages and integrates with Opera Mediaworks, Opera’s world-leading new media advertising platform.


Easier ad integration for publishers, operators and manufacturers

The Opera TV Ads SDK makes it simpler than ever for app publishers to integrate advertising into their content, enabling premium brands to buy publishers’ inventory. Built on HTML5 for flexible and scalable deployments, the SDK gives instant access to a global ad supply from Opera Mediaworks’ integrated and certified demand partners across multiple networks, as well as Opera’s owned and operated ad networks and demand-side platform. Ad management and reporting is made easy with a web-based central dashboard. The Opera TV Ads SDK also empowers publishers to upload, schedule and track their directly sold campaigns.
Integration of advertising with the Opera TV Ads SDK is also simplified for connected-TV manufacturers and pay-TV operators. The Opera TV Ads SDK offers a one-stop solution for placement of video advertising anywhere inside the device user interface, including targeting users across apps and interactive advertising via linear broadcast, where available.

“With its strong presence in the mobile and tablet ad space, and a leading position in the connected-TV ecosystem, Opera is uniquely positioned to support app publishers, operators and manufacturers to earn advertising revenue,” says Aneesh Rajaram, Senior Vice-President for TV & Devices, Opera Software. “The Opera TV Ads SDK massively expands the scope of Opera TV advertising solutions, to support getting a bigger bang for the buck from app and device inventories.”

Jason Cremins of signagelive made me aware of the Opera SDK. It’s certainly an option for developers looking at browsers as players, but you have to think Google is option A for a bunch of obvious reasons. However, Cremins is tinkering withOpera because one of the Smart TV manufacturers out there (Sony) uses that browser as its base.

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