Clarity Gap Closing As Super-Tight LED Walls Light Up

September 5, 2014 by Dave Haynes


About a year and a half ago I was walking around the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas and got stopped dead in my tracks by a giant LED video wall that even up close looked terrific.

It was a 1.9 mm pixel pitch wall, with the little LED modules positioned so tightly together that video looked good even from a foot away. If you have looked at more traditional LED boards you’ll know the LEDs are set further apart and the picture doesn’t look so hot unless you stand back.

I got a marketing email yesterday from the Chinese firm Leyard, which has now launched a 1.25 mm pixel pitch LED wall capable of 1080 HD. The units come in 54-inch diagonal modules so they can be stitched together to make different large configurations . They are rated for 100,000 hours and need only 1 mm clearance in behind.

The resolution is such that the company is actually marketing these things as TVs. that can come with stands and sit in conference rooms and “civilian” living rooms.


On 27th, August, Leyard Photoelectric Co., LTD (stock code: 300296) hosted the new products release conference of LED small pixel pitch TV XMAX Series with the theme of “Change, Leads the Vision World” in Beijing, launching the Leyard brand new “XMAX Series” Real LED TV products to the global business display market and high-end civilian market.

It features three highlights – cordwood DIY splicing, extreme clear and thin, and intelligent family cinema. This conference is another important promotion of Leyard to the display industry market after world premiere of 2013 LED TV, which predicts that a “revolution” of global display industry is coming.

Here’s the thing … I asked and Leyard didn’t yet have released pricing. It will almost undoubtedly be insanely expensive, at least for now, so short-term these will show up only in places like broadcast studios and Vladimir Putin’s bathroom.

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