Report: Small & Medium Banks View Digital Signage As Top Branch Tech Choice

August 14, 2014 by Dave Haynes


Louisville-based solutions provider Codigo is pretty focused on the small to medium-sized financial services sector, and has released a nice report that looks at how branch banking is evolving and where it is going. One of the interesting aspects of it shows that of marketing technology being put in new branches, digital signage is at the top of the list.

Codigo collected survey data from over 150 regional and local financial institutions across the country, inquiring about plans for retail banking centers this year and into 2015. “Numerous institutions and Design Build firms have contacted us for ideas and consultation on technology solutions for new branch and remodel projects,” explains Brian Nutt, President and CEO of Codigo. “While we have experience with these initiatives, we found customers were seeking broader statistics focused on Banks and Credit Unions that represent a more regional and local scope, rather than an a big, national Bank. That was the intention of this survey.”

As financial institutions adapt branch strategies to stay relevant in a more mobile economy, the spotlight has been on larger institutions to see which way they’ll turn next. “Our report is a little different than what’s typically reported in the press,” says Matt Deaton, Marketing Manager. “All of the respondents were from institutions with no more than 250 branch locations, which actually represents the vast majority of banks and credit unions nationwide.”

The report, which is a free download but requires registration, also looks at trends like how many banks are opening and closing, staffing levels and remodeling plans.



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