Projects: Gloriously Stupid Wait Terminal Screen At Toronto Airport

July 30, 2014 by Dave Haynes


This is a screen in the wait area of the pain-in-the-ass ferry terminal at Billy Bishop Airport, on an island just off downtown Toronto.

The scary thing is, someone would have put this up, turned it on, and thought to his or her self, “Nailed it!”

This features a 24-hour cable news feeds that already has enough things happening in its layout to cause seizures, embedded in a zone of a screen layout that has yet more zones. The best part is the powerful thinking that led to a decision to run weather on the bottom, which is ALWAYS on the 24-hour CP24 screen. So you get two forecasts for the price of one!


Then again, you can wait 15-minutes for the city-run ferry to come from all of 121 metres away, to get you to land and a taxi (they’re finally adding a walkway tunnel). So there is certainly time to stare at it all … if you are one of five people in Toronto who doesn’t have a smartphone and a data plan.

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