LG Testing Transparent OLED Panels That Bend In Half

July 22, 2014 by Dave Haynes

There’s a whiff of solution looking for problem about LG’s flexible display technology, but nonetheless, it is pretty interesting to see (as relayed by OLED-info) a transparent flat panel display that is so flexible you can roll it over.

The tech blog reports:

Two weeks ago LG announced it has developed 18″ rollable OLEDs and 18″ transparent OLEDs, showing photos of two prototypes. LG now quietly released videos showing those amazing new displays, the largest ever flexible and transparent OLEDs.

The flexible OLED has of 1200×810 (80 PPI), and a curvature radius of 30R. As you can see it really can be rolled up (to a radius of 3 cm). We don’t have a lot of technical details on the transparent panel, besides the fact that its transmittance is 30%.

Now, what to use it for …

  1. Possible applications:

    1. Could see a stretch version used in curved roof of a London Tube Train for advertising.
    2. Wrapping around column in a stadium or venue concourse.

    Nope that’s me done….

  2. Dave Haynes says:

    Yup, they’re out there … the problem is, as someone who used to put LCDs in the elevators of the most expensive office towers in Canada, one can never underestimate how much people want to break things because they can … OLEDs in public spaces make me nervous just thinking about it

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