The Digital Signage Will Be In Here

July 9, 2014 by Dave Haynes

CYBER Signage

As a consultant who helps end-users figure out what they want to do, and what to use, I start my days with the same sorrow-filled declaration: “If only I had more software options …”

OK, maybe not.

I keep a database of digital signage CMS platforms and by my count, there are at least 150 active, viable options out there. I know there are many more, but I weed out the ones I don’t think are real businesses.

So I go into rapid eye-blink mode when I see yet more options coming available, particularly those entering the hyper-competitive  US-Canada marketplace. Consider this breathless announcement from SofNet Japan, a company that’s been in business in that country for 25 years as of tomorrow.

CYBER Signage is a free cloud service-based digital signage delivery solution that supports everything from creation, to scheduling and delivery of pro-level signage content effortlessly just with a few clicks of a mouse over an internet browser – it even supports 4K video. CYBER Signage supports still pictures, video, captions, Flash, audio, and other source material as content to allow users to create, at no charge, high quality digital signage of up to 4K resolution.

CYBER Signage service will be deployed through Microsoft AZURE’s U.S. servers which will provide U.S. users with a more optimized service.

The Player Application will be made available through the Google Play Store for Android devices; through the App Store for iPads; and from the site listed below for the Windows OS:

We are optimistic that new users in the U.S. will seize this opportunity to experience CYBER Signage to take advantage of its many features in a variety of applications,” says CEO Motoharu Oda.

So first of all, it’s free with a pile of restrictions, including one that says file transfers from the free server may be unstable. If you want something viable, it’s not free. Full functionality costs … something.

You want real free, you use Rise Vision or possibly some of the open source systems out there.

Second, and I said this to manufacturers when I was in Taiwan recently, if English is a bit of a reach and you want to market in English-speaking countries, don’t use Google Translate as your marketing department. Spend a few bucks on someone who knows the source language and intended language, and can string words together effectively.

I can’t do more than order a beer or say thank you in any other language, so this is a not a knock on people with flawed second language skills. But a company trying to crack a new market – and convey that language support will not be an issue for buyers – starts from a really deep hole when this sort of thing is the cornerstone of the big marketing pitch:


Timely and Effectively

In late years, there is an electoronic signboard -digital signage- in any places of a town, store and the store’s interior.

We appeal to someone with huge screen and can explain a precise article with sounds and clear images. I attract attention as a new medium for the paper more and more. CYBER Signage will realize a high-quality digital signage.

The digital signage will be in here. 

Good luck!

  1. Cold Dave, but accurate!

  2. Gil Matzliah says:

    Reading on another website today I was sure it is free… nice catch on the “a pile of restrictions”

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