Arnold Exploring Responsive Environments At DSrupted Digital Signage Conference

July 1, 2014 by Dave Haynes


Matt Arnold from Second Story in Portland will be talking about responsive environments and audience engagement when he gets the mike at DSrupted this fall in Toronto.

The Lead Integration Engineer will have an hour to talk and field questions on the idea of Responsive Environments: Engaging Your Audience with Narrative Spaces

Here’s the synopsis:

For years, Second Story, part of SapientNitro, has been creating installations that play out in the realm where the physical and digital worlds meet. Our approach is to find the narrative within content and spaces that allows us to build experiences rather than presentations.

Through these narrative arcs and the balance of technology and design, we create smarter media that responds to audiences and envelops them in story, making the content feel  more relevant and the experience feel more engaging and immersive.

Matt Arnold’s talk will provide unique insights and examples of methods that will captivate your audience in a meaningful and participatory way at the crossroads of technology and place.

If you don’t know Second Story, you should, as the team has done some of the most interesting work out there that blends digital displays, interactive capabilities and devices into compelling environments. Instead of looking at a space and thinking through where to put the video wall, it’s much more of a process and sorting out the message and experience, and then applying whatever the tech is that’s right.

Arnold’s role at Second Story is providing engineering leadership specific to interactive hardware, sensors, and media electronics. He has a strong engineering background in robotics design and sensor integration, and offers mechanical design and software solutions to projects. That allows the Second Story studio to create unique displays and innovative interactive environments. His programming skills and expertise in 3D modeling also allow him to play a leading role in the development of real-time graphics displays and large data visualizations. Matt received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

In other words, he’s ridiculously smart. He speaks often at conferences and I’m assured is good at it.

Looking forward to hearing jim on Sept. 17th in Toronto. You can book your place for DSrupted here.

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