IMRSV Makes Cara Video Analytics Platform Available Free

April 18, 2014 by Dave Haynes


The audience measurement firm IMRSV, which was earlier called Immersive Labs, has made its video analytics platform Cara available free for companies that want to kick the virtual tires of the technology.

The “Personal” version of Cara allows up to three universal licenses of the software, and there’s a cap on impressions and API calls. But for evaluation, it’s a nice way to see what this sort of thing can do.

The platform is like many that have been or are on the market, using facial pattern detection algorithms to count and parse faces that look at a screen, and then spitting out reporting that characterizes the audience and  enables things like real-time, contextual ad-serving. Putting the platform fully into use costs $40/month (SaaS) per camera, and one of the nice things is you don’t need a proprietary camera. Just a web cam. There’s quite a good FAQ, which is unfortunately unusual for a lot of these engineer-led kinds of companies. Mere mortals will be able to “get” what this is all for.

When Intel was still marketing its AIM Suite (originally known as Cognovision), it had a limited use free service, as well. I checked Quividi – probably the dominant player in this space – and it’s not readily apparent, I’m told the company also has a full-function eval program.

I don’t know what it says about the other guys that do this that I couldn’t even find them through various Google keyword searches, though I know they are out there.



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