Projects: Real-Time Property Listings On UK High Streets

April 14, 2014 by Dave Haynes


The UK wing of the global property firm Savills is putting real-time residential real estate listings in the windows of its high street locations.

The screens show a selection of highlighted property listings, using Signagelive as the content management system and extracting data from Reapit, the estate agent CRM software used by Savills.

Says a news release about the arrangement: 

By creating a virtual network of its office screens using Signagelive’s cloud-based management software, Savills has gained an exceptional amount of control over the content being displayed, right down to individual screens within the same office.

If Savills wishes to run a nation-wide campaign, for example, the displays can be set to show appropriate content in all UK offices. Conversely, if a campaign is only relevant to the London property market, Savills can ensure that only its London offices feature that campaign, right down to offices in specific locations. If its Esher office, for example, wanted to sponsor an event, then Savills could run a promotion on displays in this office only and manage that content centrally.  

I like the application, as real time and shuffling listings make a world of sense in the property business. Pix show the challenge, as ever, of putting screens in shop windows. Hard to fight reflections. That goes away at night.


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