Ronin Gets New COO-CFO; Former CFO Joins RNIN Alumni Company (No Really)

April 2, 2014 by Dave Haynes

wireless_roninI don’t tend to cover management changes or new hires in this sector as my reader analytics tell me very conclusively that almost no one gives a crap. However, this one is kind of interesting.

Wireless Ronin has appointed John Walpuck as its new Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, replacing  Darin McAreavey, who resigned as Chief Financial Officer effective as of the close of business today.

Walpuck has CPA and CMA designations and also has an MBA. However he does not appear to have the elusive PhD in digital signage.

Anyway …


“John’s diverse background and experience perfectly align with our current needs and objectives. His financial and operational experiences speak for themselves. However, he has also demonstrated the ability to step outside those roles to help companies drive significant revenue growth,” notes Ronin’s president and CEO, Scott Koller. “Having the position of chief operating officer reestablished will also help support Wireless Ronin’s aggressive growth initiatives. In the near-term, he will be responsible for facilitating the integration of Broadcast International (BI), a transformative merger we expect to close this quarter.”

Fun job, doing the numbers on a company that’s now run up a $100 million operating deficit. Then again, I’d take it, given the gig pays $240,000 a year. Though with counting precious beans, RNIN would then be an accounting mess, as well.

McAreavey has left to join a company called Cachet Financial Solutions, whose entire – and I mean entire – executive team is ex Wireless Ronin guys now in the bleachers watching as the company continues to steadily bleed capital.

Left eyebrow firmly raised.

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