inLighten Launches Apollo Android Platform For Digital Signage

February 24, 2014 by Dave Haynes


inLighten is one of those companies that has been quietly doing its own thing in the digital signage sector for many years, staying largely out of the echo-chamber of PR and industry trade shows. But just ahead of DSE, the company put out news that it had developed and was now releasing its own Android solution, dubbed Apollo.

“Apollo is the result of a multi-million dollar development effort that finally delivers a true, full-function digital signage solution built on Android,” says inLighten CEO Dan Snyder

It’s based around an HDMI stick and is managed through the company’s web-based Apollocast Manager CMS. No specs on the stick, but it says 720P video is supported, which is enough for most of the jobs this product would reasonably target.

“Apollocast Manager is the most comprehensive suite of network management utilities available today,” suggests Matt Welter, inLighten’s Director of Communications, in a news release.

He pointed out that users receive inLighten’s professional Studio design suite; unlimited access to an expansive Gallery of ready-to-edit campaigns and graphics in English, Spanish and French; utilities to display user-defined Twitter, YouTube, RSS and other live data feeds; access to inLighten’s specialized news bureau to compose tailored programming using the world’s leading sources; a complete scheduling module providing down to the moment playback; controls to optimize bandwidth and display usage; network monitoring as well as archiving of content and much more.  

One interesting wrinkle is the units come with a lifetime replacement warranty, something that starts to be possible when units drop below $100 and installation is not a lot more sophisticated than charging a smartphone.

inLighten’s headquarters are in the Buffalo, NY-area, over near the airport. 

The Android CMS list is now closing in on 50.

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