Day 1 At DSE 2014

February 13, 2014 by Dave Haynes

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 7.55.46 AM

Out the door at 8 AM, back in the hotel room at 12:30 AM. No time to write.

Booked all day. Maybe will be posting from the plane Friday.

Generally, quite busy. Everything busy, brighter, thinner, easier, etc, etc. Very little you would look  at and think, That’s different or amazing or whatever. Lots of incremental improvements on the foundational stuff.

But the industry is maturing. The look and scale of the displays is amazing, notably the LG super-big screens and the gorgeous stuff Planar is putting out.

I heard the Intel keynote was pretty lightweight, big picture stuff. Was fascinated to hear about Google having someone at the Intel booth and talking about digital signage as a new use case for its platform and increasingly line of branded gear. Asus announced a $179 ChromeBox that could easily be a digital signage box. More on that later when I have time, but the short story is the price is a bit of a “So what?” because there are Android devices that cost somewhat less. But what it could this could do using the Google platform is intriguing, including a very sophisticated, heavily used media placement platform, ie AdSense.

Packed crowd at the Disrupted Digital Signage seminar I ran. A lot of people seem to “get” that the ground is shifting.

Gotta bolt. Day 2 beckons. Thankfully the cocktail circuit is done. Hic.

Bad photo (of me) and the rest of the seminar crew,  lifted from Jason Cremins’ Twitter feed.

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