BroadSign Plugs Digital OOH Clients Into Vistar’s Programmatic Buying Platform

February 12, 2014 by Dave Haynes


BroadSign has launched a new product called BroadSign Connect that ‘s effectively a direct connector with Vistar Media’s programmatic media buying solution.

Digital OOH networks running on BroadSign’s ad-centric platform can now opt-in and allow unsold ad inventory to be bought by planners via the Vistar, which has in the past year gained a lot of traction with major US media planning groups. The service is only up for qualifying US-based networks .

“BroadSign Connect is a game-changer, in that it offers a zero-risk method of accessing incremental revenue streams for BroadSign networks,” says BroadSign CEO Brian Dusho. “It’s easy to install, requires little supervision or maintenance, and delivers a potential associated with programmatic buying platforms that is very exciting for our industry. This solution is yet another innovation bringing BroadSign everywhere.”

“Digital place-based media networks have a finite amount of brand-safe inventory; a reality that keeps CPMs high in the sector’s programmatic buying processes,” says Michael Provenzano, co-founder of Vistar Media. “Agencies and digital signage networks will increasingly use programmatic buying platforms to secure incremental revenue due to the efficiency, scale and ROI brought to the table.”

There are other options out there in various forms and state that are not tied to Broadsign – such NEC’s Vukunet, the version2 of rVue, DoMedia and AdStruc. The deal with BroadSign is logical as heck because BroadSign, more than any other company in the DS software space, tailors its offer to Digital OOH.

The working model sounds  simple enough. There is a container in the playlist framework for Vistar and if the network is validated and available for sale, when a remnant ad gets booked, it plays, and when there’s nothing there, the container gets skipped over.

This is not the first CMS to tie in with Vistar. There are four digital signage software companies and a big integrator already listed as partners. How much integration do they have? No idea. My guess is Broadsign’s is  lot deeper simply because Digital OOH is what they do, and it’s not what the other guys lead with.

If you go the BroadSign website they should have activated a Vimeo video that ‘splains what it’s about and how clients can use it.

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