Experiential Can’t Be Just A Buzzword: Denys Lavigne

February 6, 2014 by Dave Haynes

denysHigh-impact digital visual projects in corporate and public venues are quickly growing commonplace, but they only truly work when they deliver an experience that respects key parameters, says Denys Lavigne, the President of creative agency Arsenal Media, looking ahead to a couple of speaking gigs at DSE.

“Experiential can’t be just a buzzword,” says Lavigne. “Experiential requires a concrete approach that allows brands to connect with the audience at a much deeper level and fully leverage the investments in digital installations.”

Can I get an “Amen?” We all hear and read endless stuff about engagement and experience and omni-channel, but how much of it actually does the business?

Arsenal has been particularly active over the past five years doing really interesting, and usually award-winning experiential installations. They were ultra-high resolution content long before tech marketers started throwing 4K into any reference that might apply.

Lavigne is a featured speaker at the DailyDOOH Video Wall Unplugged Summit on Tuesday, along with Arsenal’s Art Director Pierre Del Duchetto. They have another gig, a DSE seminar, on ultra HD content.

Arsenal had the Fountain Of Content at DSE last year, but are just doing a meeting booth next week. There were bigger plans for a partnered space this time around, I’m told, but they didn’t come together.

If you need great creative, there’s a short list of companies worth yakking with, and Arsenal is absolutely on it.

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