Preset Mixer Sponsor Profiles: Diversified Media Group (DMG)

February 4, 2014 by Dave Haynes


Diversified Media Group is a loyal sponsor of the annual Preset Group Mixer, and has been helping buy the cocktails for several years now. They have been aggressively but quietly growing the company and taking on many of the biggest projects that hit the digital signage eco-system radar.

Preset has worked on projects that involved or led to DMG, and I’ve seen what they can do. A very disciplined, smart and talented bunch that makes projects happen and keeps them running flawlessly.

Here’s John G. Melillo, DMG’s president, fielding my Sponsor Q&A:

Q: Your company has pretty quietly grown into a very substantial player in this sector. Can you provide a rundown on the scale of the company and breadth of services?

A: DMG has had very steady growth over the past 15 years.  I like to think doing good, solid work is the best endorsement and the impetus for our growth—it certainly hasn’t been because we spend a lot on advertising and self-promotion. 

From conceptual design and engineering through procurement, deployment and finally operations DMG is truly a full-service company.   We like to say the right amount of all those pieces, make for a successful partnership.  We never force a client to take all of our services—they utilize what they need to their best advantage.   Sometimes we are complete service and other times we are just part of the package.  We offer what is needed in the proper amounts so both entities are successful. 

I think what makes us truly unique,  is that our business eco-system is made up of the Diversified companies … we utilize the combined engineering and project knowledge built up from the broadcast and high-end AV design work of DS and the media aggregation expertise of Skyweb Digital Media.  In other words, when we need expert solutions we draw from within by utilizing internal resources in a multitude of broad-band visual communication. 

Having said all that, it is our fierce determination to offer the best managed services in the digital media field that sets us apart.   We earn our pay everyday in keeping our networks operational at the peak of their performance—large or small deployments.  Most of our people come out of mission critical industries from IT, telecom, and of course broadband communication.

We have experienced a 50 to 60% growth in personnel in our IT department as the mainline of support for our network operations.  Good engineering up front is nothing without a strong on-going presence to keep things running.

We are operating networks across multiple market segments from transportation to consumer retail.

The Diversified companies have more than 280 employees spread across the US in nine offices with four large integration and warehouse facilities.

Q: How do you go to market? By that, I mean do you have specific partners on the software, hardware and services you represent and use?

A: DMG is an agnostic provider of services to its clients. We work with the best in breed of software and hardware based on the solutions needed by our clients.   We have been fortunate to create a winning combination of projects with many of our suppliers and they often recommend DMG for projects utilizing their products.

Q: Can you outline some of the projects DMG has been working on?

A: DMG is proud of its long term relationship with TD Bank, more than 14 years and growing to more than 700 locations.   Their interior design team is innovative and exacting—our kind of client. It is one of our builds where we get to show our knowledge of architectural and electronic integration.   It is truly a work of art for our mechanical design team as well as our digital signage group.

Opening day for the University of Washington Huskies this year was partly due to the diligent efforts of the DMG IT build team. Working with Harris Broadcast products, DMG handled Cisco switching, routing, security and wireless integration for the UW Alaska Airlines Arena and Husky Stadium.  We were responsible for installation of more than 60 switches, a redundant core, and hundreds of wireless access points, wireless controllers, VPN firewall and access control.   From the necessary infrastructure needs for all point-of-sale (POS) kiosks, ticketing, building control, access control, CCTV, audio and video—both wired and wireless.   Our back-end systems also powered the multi-cast IPTV feed to more than 1800 displays.

When Husky fans look up at the large overhung displays and ribbon boards circling the field they also are courtesy of the transport stream integrated by DMG.  We can’t take credit for any wins by the football team but the ultimate wireless coaching system by XOS Digital is also powered over the network.  The XOS product includes scouting information, playbook and video exchange—coaches will be able to create and manage thousands of play diagrams and utilize diagramming routines over real-time video on their ipads.  This project spanned two years with the arena going in first and football operations beginning in the 2013 season.

Another network client that is on a growth path is Comcast Retail.  DMG provides a network for the Comcast Retail locations which offers product and services information to consumers. It is an immersive experience of brick and mortar combined with high-touch technology. Consumers can play with iPads to learn and interact with different apps that Comcast offers. IPads are strategically mounted in different zones such as Home Zone, Support Zone, and Voice/TV/Internet Zone. Consumers may also view the large format LCDs in the store to learn about Comcast services.

DMG also provides the hardware and cabling for ceiling mounted Queuing LCDs. Comcast utilizes software from Qnomy, which run on PC and iPads. It allows for associates to enter names into a queue for any questions or support they need. Two LCDs are strategically mounted within the store for easy viewing by consumers.  This electronic concierge is all part of the total experience.

Q: If there’s a client and project you’d say is right in your wheelhouse, what would that be?

A: DMG is nothing if not a managed service provider and Bank of America would have to stand out as one of our top achievements to date.   It is a source of great pride that I can report our transitioning more than 2,100 banking centers to Four Winds Interactive in less than 90 days.

DMG is currently monitoring the health of the system 24/7/365 utilizing our custom monitoring software and CRM database.   This national deployment is exciting and diverse with a wealth of different digital options in the Bank of America banking centers.

The partnership relationship we have with the Bank of America internal teams, as well as their digital agency TPN, is unique, and according to the DMG team—fun.  It is this close working dynamic that is allowing us to offer great operational efficiencies and cutting edge digital media.   BAC has a very strong digital philosophy and we expect to do some one of a kind integration work in the near future.

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I watched the BAC project play out from a front-row seat. It was a little mind-wobbling how they did that many branches that quickly. But saw a similar movie on a Nike project. They’re good.

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