Projects: Holiday Sidewalk Selfies At Lord & Taylor NYC

December 18, 2013 by Dave Haynes

I like this street-level interactive project for its simplicity and relevance. Forget about trying to get people to gesture or play games on a busy sidewalk. Just enable holiday shoppers to take a big selfie.

Lord & Taylor worked with InWindow Outdoor this season to do something interactive with their iconic holiday window displays. A base photo concept turned into a contest where passers-by could “Show Their Fall Style at #INSTAFALL” by using their mobile phones to share their photos on Twitter and Facebook.

The campaign is ongoing and as many as 2,000 selfies a day are getting generated at the window display, as well as sidewalk-level buzz. If you are in NY or heading there, the Lord & Taylor’s flagship store is on 5th Avenue at 39th St.

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