One Week Of DOOHgood

November 16, 2013 by Dave Haynes

Having seen the footages that was starting to trickle in fro he Philippines it was pretty obvious by this part Monday morning that the DOOHgood effort born out of the Japan Tsunami needed to be ramped up to full scale again.

So Monday morning, I started writing emails and posts. By Friday evening, we had a series of professional quality 15-second Public Service Announcement video spots ready and running on networks in on three continents.

Some of the best and brightest from the digital creative community, some of them producing spots without my even knowing. We had teams in one country producing spots for use in another country, in an unfamiliar language, with industry friends doing translations by email and then proofing the output.

We had a guy in the Philippine send around videos for use in Manila, as built in Lancashire, England.

All three industry organizations tied to this sector, including the DPAA, have sent notes out to encourage networks to run the spots. All the hard creative work and coordination is largely a waste UNLESS networks off kinds take five minutes and get them int the schedules.

Here’s the basics:

Week Two Is Important

Tacloban won’t be at the top of the newscasts and on the front pages of newspapers and news portals much longer. But the waning attention of the media does not mean the probems are addressed. We can help enormously in the weeks after the camera crews leave.

If you have unbooked time on your ad network, or can fit spots in your retail or corporate programming, please do. Filipinos are going to need the basics for a long time to come.

If you are running spots, please let me know by using the comments. Demonstrated effort will inspire others.

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