Projects: Silver Jeans Gets Big Screens

November 14, 2013 by Dave Haynes


Retailer Silver Jeans Co., which sells guess what, has turned on a new stylized concept store that puts a video wall as its centerpiece.

The new concept uses music and video wall technology (from YCD Multimedia) to build customer loyalty within a multi-sensory environment that captures attention and shares the Silver Jeans’ story. The concept store at The Woodlands Mall in Woodlands, Texas, is the first of several stores marking Silver Jeans’ transition to exclusive brick-and-mortar retail.

All content management strategy and services are planned and controlled by ScreenPlay Entertainment.

The 1,536 square foot “loft” concept store highlights the latest collection from Silver Jeans Co.™ and offers consumers a personalized approach to a full range of the company’s apparel. The highly stylized store is designed to give a feeling of being timeless and comfortable, just like Silver Jeans Co.™ products. The “loft” concept offers a central sitting area that faces a media wall, as the store’s centerpiece, a design layout that will be part of the store architecture at Silver Jeans’ new retail locations.

YCD and ScreenPlay partnered to provide the sight and sound for this experience. The audio-visual concept needed to be designed carefully to complement the brand’s classic, yet cutting edge feel. To provide the media, ScreenPlay crafted a custom program that encompasses music videos, as well as the store’s branded media pieces. The goal was to create an audio visual experience that would give both staff and customers an opportunity to hear music with a “you heard it here first” feel. The challenge was to meld breaking indie rock with timeless classics to create a musical fusion indicative of the Silver Jeans brand.

“Music has been an integral part of denim culture and our show celebrates that relationship our way,” said Darren James, Senior Director of Retail Operations, Silver Jeans Co. “The decision was all about Brand and we believe the indie music scene celebrates our ‘Independent and Free’ brand value. The artistic nature of the video content celebrates the expression of one’s ‘true self’. ScreenPlay fundamentally understood the sound of our brand on the first pass.”

“When programming music videos, it’s not as simple as choosing a song,” said Erik Chillman, Director of Programming at ScreenPlay Entertainment. “You need to select assets that have the same visual feel as the brand itself. Having the largest indie music video catalog available gave us flexibility with the programming and we reached out to the labels to source and deliver the content in HD.”

“The use of audio-visual media is increasingly becoming an integral part of the environment that characterizes the world of today’s shopping,” said Sam Losar, President of YCD USA. “The buying process in the clothing, footwear and many other industries combines messaging to the client during his visit to the store, to strengthen the brand and assist in his decision making, as well as to entertain him, to make his stay an enjoyable experience.”

In addition to customer-oriented content, YCD software offers an on-demand playback method that allows management to use the media wall as an internal communication tool, displaying training videos and corporate messaging to help ensure that store personnel are aware of products and promotions in order to improve customer service.



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