Digital Signage & QR Code Linkage Patented

August 28, 2013 by Dave Haynes

qrcodeThe Marlin Company is a workplace communications company that has been around for decades and has recently made the transition to analog and digital, picking up patents along the way that relate to methods of digital messaging in workplace environments.

The company already has two patents, and has now been granted a third – this one for the tie-up between digital signage screens in workplaces, and QR codes.

US Patent  8516527, granted Aug. 20, is for an “Electronic media communication system with a displayed code”

A method and apparatus for the distribution of electronic media for distribution to employees of a subscriber. The system includes a controller having a storage on which an electronic media collection is stored, and a display connected to the controller for displaying selected electronic media collection. The display is provided with a first and a second frame where each frame displays selected electronic media from the electronic media collection. The system provides for a customer to set the electronic media collection. The system may further include a code, presented on the display that may be scanned and present additional information to the viewer. The additional information may be pushed to the scanning device, or the scanning device may be navigated to a website where the information may be presented.

So … if an internal communications program in a workplace uses digital screens to get the word out about, say, benefits programs, and you can snap a QR code to get the web-based registration form on your phone, taht’s a method that (in theory) infringing this patent.

My guess is I just infringed some patent and method by scratching my itchy right ear with my right hand at a certain pace, so who knows what is enforceable and what little tweak works around this one, or if Marlin has any real intent with this patent beyond the reasons most companies get patents.

Totally don’t know, and I started going cross-eyed reading patents after a few seconds.

If you love reading patents:

1 – Here’s the link.

2 – Seek professional help.

  1. This patent is ludicrous and I can only surmise what folly will continue with the recently implemented first to file policy

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