Projects: Gesture-Driven Lobby Welcome Table

August 20, 2013 by Dave Haynes


A retail design firm, interactive agency and CalPoly students have collaborated on and lit up a very nice, innovative corporate lobby project that combines projection, gesture sensors, digital signage software and HD visuals.

The project is located in the downtown LA lobby of Gensler and reflects the thinking and output of a Seattle-area  agency called The Hive. The installation is designed to engage and inform visitors.

Located in Gensler’s lobby, the smart space installation is designed to showcase the architectural firm’s portfolio of work. The experience attracts users toward a digitally augmented table, and book. The table is the SLO_Gen Table, an iconic collaboration between Gensler and architecture students at California Polytechnic School in San Luis Obispo. An interface appears on the table allowing visitors to use movements such as hand motions to digitally explore the content of Gensler’s urban architecture and modern cities monograph. The installation enhances each object with a new layer of digital content, and adds new context to the contents of the book.

The interface allows guests to access digital media from Gensler’s vast portfolio on a connected 4k video wall. This exceptional tableau showcases the firm’s work on across a variety of sectors ranging from expansive international airport projects in Palm Springs to Chennai, to intricate retail experiences in leading luxury stores—which can be explored on the video wall, or in the book.

It’s a nice mash-up of different technologies. and I like the way the visuals on the table surround the book and animate to encourage interaction. I also like how the Kinect sensors re-orient the user interface based on where the person stands as he or she walks up to the table.

The content management software is YCD’s and those are Planar screens tiled together in that 2 by 2 wall.

Nothing all that new here, but it’s well executed … which is what matters.

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