HTML5 & Digital Signage Explored In Upcoming Webinar

August 19, 2013 by Dave Haynes

HTML-OpenSign-imageI don’t publicize webinars often because:

1 – The topics often get my eyes rolling like a 13-year-old being admonished (and bored) by a parent;

2 – There’s so many of them, attending webinars could be a full-time occupation.

But one coming up next week looks worth a listen, primarily because of the topic and the guy running it. AOPEN has a session scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 29 (it’s the end of August already???) on HTML5 and how it impacts digital signage.

The session will be run by Kevin Cosbey, AOPEN’s US Business Development Manager. I knew him already, but we had a really good chat a couple of months ago at InfoComm about HTML5 and OpenSign, a company product built around the HTML5 standard.

There is lotsa talk out there about HTML5, but not that much, I find, in this sector, as yet. Kevin’s a guy who see it and gets it, and while the webinar will inevitably be about AOPEN’s shiny pots and pans, the session is probably still worth dipping into.

Web and digital signage were already converging, and HTML5 is arguably the big reason why that convergence is going to accelerate.


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