Scala, Outform Release Android Digital Signage Solution

July 25, 2013 by Dave Haynes

scala-outformSoftware company Scala and Miami-based display integrator Outform have joined the now long list of companies that have put Android digital signage offers on the market.

In this case, an Outform iDisplay media player is running Android in combination with Scala’s Enterprise software.

Says a release:

iDISPLAY’s Model UID0382 Media Player has been specifically designed for commercial use in the digital signage industry.  Using an Android operating system, this compact player includes built-in WiFi and Ethernet connectivity, with full touch-screen capability.  Auto-start, auto-play and password protection are some of the standard features included.

Ben Chanoch, a senior VP with Outform, indicated he was excited and delighted, pretty much in the same breath (Note to Ben and others: No one reading press releases cares how over-the-moon giddy you are!!!).

More usefully, Chanoch continues: “the simplicity of 4-easy-steps publishing with Scala Enterprise combined with the ready-to-go hardware in iDISPLAY Android players provides a powerful yet low-entry solution for the industry.  We are looking forward to working with our partners and will be launching many further innovative products for this new platform in the near future”.

Peter Cherna, Senior Vice President of Technology at Scala, was also both excited and pleased about doing something world-class!!! Oh Lord.

I tried, but cannot sort out whether this is a media player or a combined player and display. The Outform release is equally big on giddy and light on detail, and if there is a product page for the UID0382, it’s expertly hidden.

The number of companies now offering up Android solutions is approaching 40. From nothing two years ago, we are now at the glut stage.

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