And Now Flypaper Has A CMS, Too

June 21, 2013 by Dave Haynes


Flypaper began as a basic creative development tool for people with little or no creative skills, and the product first started to find its way into digital signage circles three years ago. Now the company is deep into this sector, to the point that it too has a launched its own management and distribution platform.

Flypaper Studio  President and Founder Don Pierson says: “Flypaper Go combines the power of that content creation with the new Flypaper CMS and other great tools to create, manage and deliver your digital content within a single environment.”

And that’s all the announcement says, other than you can go see at a Cisco conference next week in Orlando, where the humidex value will be 312F. A Cisco conference???

Moving over to the website, you will learn Flypaper Go is actually a bundle that includes the Flypaper creative toolsets and components that do data connections for dynamic content, and then the Flypaper CMS that “will help you schedule, deliver, manage and monitor that content from a single location.”



The components include:

I have seen demos but never actually used it. There is some logic to completing the offer, in that if you are going to drop the money to buy a Flypaper license it would be handy if the content created could be pushed out of the same platform to screens and then managed.

On the other hand, tools and code that make creative easy are very different from tools and code that capably manange and maintain deployed screen networks.

I can’t imagine the software companies that have developed relationships with Flypaper, like Coolsign and Signagelive, are all that tickled about their partner becoming a competitor. I am not entirely joking when I say it’s only a matter of time before the mount bracket guys also come out with their own content management platforms. Might as well close the circle and equip every customer-facing vendor with a signage platform.

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