Projects: Franklin Institute’s New Ticketing Boards

May 2, 2013 by Dave Haynes

Franklin Institute 3

Here’s the new ticketing display system at The Franklin Institute, a science museum in Philadelphia Science Museum.

There are five 55-inch displays at the ticketing entrance, showing ticket prices, current or upcoming exhibits, show and tour group times, and video trailers. The museum uses Scala and has set its scheduling to shuffle ticket packages for museum experiences that are available at the time of their visit.

Says a Scala release:

The Franklin Institute’s previous static signage for ticketing and promotions was becoming cumbersome and expensive. With their new digital signage, The Franklin Institute has increased flexibility in changing ticketing prices as well as decreased the time it takes to make these updates. The new displays enable more eye-catching advertising content that reduces perceived wait time for those in line to buy tickets. 

“This new ticketing signage system now gives us the opportunity to cycle through imagery for our films and special exhibitions so that visitors can see the full breadth of our museum offerings. The screens also showcase visitor friendly ‘package pricing’ that shift to discounted evening or special event pricing through the pre-programmed content management system. Our investment in the new signage has saved on both labor and materials for producing printed signs. The digital signs have also uncomplicated the offerings for our visitors now that the pricing is tailored to show only those museum experiences that are available during the time of day of their visit,” says Jeanne Maier, Director of Design, The Franklin Institute.

The project was done by Applied Video Technology, a Scala partner.

Franklin Institute 1

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