Marketing: BroadSign Launches Women In Digital Signage Series

May 1, 2013 by Dave Haynes

BroadSign has taken a couple of very different – for this sector – marketing steps of late.


They’ve hired a dedicated writer to work on marketing and communications material, and the company is producing written material that isn’t the same old Five Keys To Digital Signage BlahBlah ZZZzzzz.

I saw BroadSign lifer Dan Parisien down in Las Vegas a few weeks ago,and he’d indicated a series on women in digital signage was in the works. The first one was posted today – on BroadSign co-founder and GM Marie Elamar.

This won’t work – and its not the plan – to profile just BroadSign people. The idea is to profile women in positions of power and influence in a space that is lopsidedly male. My guess is Dan ans his writer would happily take suggestions on women who particularly merit recognition.


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