Stratacache Hires On Industry Vet Russell Young

April 23, 2013 by Dave Haynes

Russell-YoungRussell Young has signed on with STRATACACHE as the company’s SVP of Interactive and Mobile Experiences, having recently left the very good but very expensive SapientNitro agency, where he’d been for the last few years. My understanding is several people, Young included, got bingo’d right after DSE.

Young is probably better known in the industry as the lead digital sign guy for a few years for Samsung. He found his way to Sapient after working with that company on the Coke digital vending machine, which made the trade show rounds and found its way into some public locations. That, he would say, was his baby.

I liked the concept and presentation, but always thought the general public would not be kind to these sensitive devices, and a LOT of Coke had to be sold to drive the ROI out of those units.

In this newly created position, says his new masters, Young “will develop new mobile and interactive experiences for consumer engagement, establish strategic partnerships and originate new business opportunities.”

“With his extensive, in-depth experience and knowledge, Russell is the perfect addition to the STRATACACHE team,” says Chris Riegel, STRATACACHE CEO. “During this time of significant growth and transformation in mobile and interactive technologies, Russell will play a pivotal role in charting a course for our clients that delivers innovation and success.”

Originally from Texas, Young is ex-Navy and served in both the Desert Storm and Desert Shield operations in the Middle East. He lives in Dallas with his wife and three children, and, if I remember correctly, some much-loved dogs.

Good guy, though crazy enough to actually loan Paul Flanigan and me his rental car keys one time. I believe we did return that car.

And a good hire. Riegel has been showing a lot of interactive stuff at trade shows. I am lukewarm, at best, about much of the interactive gesture eye candy  out there, like Kinect, but Riegel has been doing the research and looking at the response numbers, and sees tangible, meaningful impacts. Riegel does not do things for giggles.

Expect a couple of other meaningful announcements from Stratacache some time this week.

Pic appropriated from Young’s former masters

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